Custom Software Development

Woodford Web Solutions specialise in the development and implementation of bespoke software solutions held securely on the web.   Our customised solutions aim to transform the complexity of managing information into a straightforward, yet robust solution, with an easy to use interface.  Our customised solutions remove traditional, time-consuming processes and allow instant access to information contained within your database in  a user friendly way.   We have over 20 years experience in delivering customised database solutions.   With the recent implementation of GDPR, companies are now required to store their information accurately and securely, therefore more businesses are moving to online web based solutions.   We are specialists in GDPR implementation, and can help you to evaluate your current approach to data storage and protection and assist you in implementing a secure online solution. The ability to sort, analyse, extract and run reports on statistical information is a common requirement in many organisations. We also have the experience of integrating systems with legacy software, including manufacturing and health care systems, which can present the information held in your database back to users, in an intuitive, non-technical, and easy-to-follow way.    For more information on our Custom Solutions and how they can benefit your business please contact us.

Database Design & Development

We specialise in database development and have been working with databases for over 20 years now, including Microsoft Access and online databases such as MYSQL using PHP. The recent trend is to move database systems online in order to bring them into line with GDPR. We can help with this. So if you need a database for your business or have a database that needs changed or updated, please contact us to see what we can do to help.

Software Development Solutions

The following are some of the custom software solutions we have provide for our clients.

Counselling 4 Youth

Counselling 4 Youth provide counselling services within schools across Northern Ireland. With the introduction of the new GDPR regulations they needed to move all their processing of clients and personal records onto a secure online system. We developed an online Counselling Management System for them, which is highly secure and GDPR compliant, and counsellors can only access their own client records. The new system also produces reports for the Education Authority.

Wilton Health Care

Wilton Health Care are a manufacturing firm that provide unique plastic tags for sharp boxes for the NHS. We upgraded their old software system to a new Microsoft Access Database system that allows each tag to be tracked to it's specific hospital, ward or department. This database then links to an online website which can be accessed by NHS and Wilton staff for audit purposes.

Glen Property Management

Glen Property Management manages properites throughout Northern Ireland. They required a website with a backend user area where they could upload their documents for all their properties securely. The system required two different user areas, one for clients to view their documents and one for the staff of Glen Property Management to upload and manage their documents.